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Crazy New Jersey Woman Sexually Assaults and Murders An Elderly Lady

With Caroline Beckert, don’t expect anybody who knew her to offer up one of those, “She seemed so nice, we didn’t see this coming” type comments about her recent criminally insane actions.

The 40-year old, Old Bridge, New Jersey resident essentially confessed to sexually assaulting, robbing, and murdering a 70-year old woman with whom she was acquainted in some manner. The details of the matter are gruesome and disturbing, and with Beckert’s pathology, perhaps expected.

It’s Not Known How Beckert Knew Her Victim

As of yet, law enforcement has no information on how Caroline Beckert knew her victim, Joann Cullinan, 70, only that they were not complete strangers.

Joann Cullinan, the elderly victim.

On the night of May 22nd, a person who turned out to be Beckert herself called the Old Bridge police department to report Cullinan’s death at her apartment. Not sure whether she felt extreme guilt after the crime or she’s simply so mentally unstable she reported herself to the police.

Police arrived to discover a rather gruesome scene. Cullinan had been murdered with a combination of a knife and a drawer — make of that what you will. Cullinan had also been sexually penetrated with an umbrella. Whether that was pre or post-mortem has yet to be released, but you can imagine the violence at the scene. Additionally, Beckert had stolen fifteen dollars from Cullinan which she had on her person.

Beckert Had A Very Obvious History of Mental Illness

A review of Caroline Beckert’s past several years depicts a woman in dire need of supervised mental health treatment.

Beckert’s own social media channels depicted the depths of her troubling mental state. By her own admission, she had recently tried to become a police officer with the Old Bridge Police but was turned down for reasons you can imagine. Additionally, Beckert photographed herself after being turned down trying to join the Air Force at a local recruiting station. She claimed they told her she was too old to enlist.

Caroline Beckert’s Instagram account is chock full of crazy art

Beckert’s Instagram profile contains stories of multiple attempts at committing suicide in the past several years. This included once being in a coma from sepsis shock post-suicide attempt. After this time, Beckert became a found-junk artist of some kind, or in her own mind. For bonus insanity, she would rant about government mind control.

Caroline Beckert Arrested on Multiple Felonies

Beckert was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated sexual assault and second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. You can presume her defense attorney will be asking for multiple rounds of sanity reviews in relation to this process.

Caroline Beckert was a ticking time bomb

We live in a country that has a decidedly poor handle on the mental health of its adult population. Not merely the resources available, but an intelligent manner in which to protect the Constitutional rights of the mentally troubled while also providing for the public safety of the population. If you live in an area with large vagrant populations, you’re well aware of this issue daily.

We can’t merely lock up every person who’s cuckoo but has never hurt anybody else. And we can’t have insane people raping old ladies with umbrellas and murdering them with drawers thanks to voices in their heads. Tough one, that isn’t being addressed in the least by anybody of power

Female New Zealand Teacher Had Sex With At Least Six Boys At Her School

This story begins with, “A female teacher at an all boys high school…” and many of us could have guessed how this story ended with that information alone. That’s not to say all female teachers at private teen boy academies are doomed to be arrested for sexual improprieties, simply that we’d be the house on it. And similar of course if the genders are reversed in the story.

An unnamed married female teacher at the Marlborough Boys College in Blenheim, New Zealand, was arrested for sex with multiple students at the school (college in New Zealand is what we call the high school in the U.S.) after a Snapchat video of her having sex with two male students was leaked.

The Randy Teacher Is Alleged to Have Had Relations With Six Male Athlete Boys Over Past Few Years

While the leaked video apparently shows the teacher, married to a local police officer, engaged in sex with two boys at Marlboro, she has been arrested on counts related to sex with six boys at the school over the past few years. All six of the boys appear to have been athletes at the school.

Much like Australia and England, under legal traditions of New Zealand, the names of the accused are never released to the public, and even people who know the teacher’s name, as it surely is known in the area, can face stiff punishment if they mention her name online or in public forums. Which is nice for the accused, but certainly makes it harder to provide for public safety since you wouldn’t know if she had been your boy’s teacher ever.

The female teacher allegedly made her way through a half-dozen Marlborough boys

According to reports, the boys involved with the teacher were quite concerned they would be in trouble too, so they kept it secret. Minus obviously the one kid who couldn’t resist leaking the Snapchat video, because who wouldn’t? (I’m projecting for myself here at sixteen).

I was real angry, real angry. These are young boys. She’s messed with a lot of their heads I think… the boys have been offered counseling and they have been well looked after. They have been told they are not in trouble.’¬†

– Mom of one of the teen boys involved with teacher

Naturally, this would be prep school boys. Public school boys would know the street rules.

This All Started Via Text and Snapchat

It’s impossible to overstate the role of digital media in this massive rise of teacher-student sex cases. Do you realize how difficult it was for a teacher 100 years ago to get a nude photo to her favorite teen student? Now, five seconds and a click and security to DoD standards.

The teacher allegedly hit these boys up on text to talk school sports. One thing led to another, and boom — you’re on Snapchat having sex with the horny lady teacher married to the cop. Classic tale.

In case you’re a sexy woman interested in teaching in New Zealand…

Naturally, the fancy school sent out a fancy letter to parents about how well they’ve been handling the unfortunate incident. Something for the moms to fret over while the dads of the boys high five one another (though probably not in front of the cuckolded police officer husband.

Every one of these rote school administrator letters always mentions how all the teachers at the school pass background checks to make sure they don’t have, what, cases in their backgrounds of having sex with six students? Naturally, all of these sex arrests are the first time these teachers have ever been caught or they wouldn’t be teachers.

The real security would be to figure out ahead of time who your teachers most likely to sexually offend are, and nip it in the bud before all the newspaper headlines and lawsuits. I should really be king.

Special Ed Teacher Threatens to ‘Shoot Up’ Her School

Who says the lady teachers are merely into sex with underaged students these days. Some are getting into the act of mass terror threats. What’s in vogue is a constantly moving target

Kristen Thompson, 49, an elementary school teacher in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was arrested this past week when multiple teachers at her school overheard her threatening to shoot up the school.

Obviously, the end of the school year brings a ton of stress for teachers. For instance, what to do with your upcoming 3-months paid vacation. It’s not known if Thompson had any prior history of violent threats, but assume not so much since she was still allowed to be an elementary school teacher.

Nevertheless, when you straight-faced start mentioning how you’d like to bring a gun to school and mow people down, well, 2019 or 1919, that’s going to draw some attention. And it did. The teachers who heard the threats passed it on to school administrators who passed it on to local law enforcement who arrested the Pathways Elementary School teacher on making a threat of mass violence. That’s a felony.

Pathways Elementary School in Orange County, North Carolina

Thompson was processed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. She’s scheduled for a hearing on June 14th when she’s expected to say something like, “Oops”. What else can you do?

Thompson was forced to resign. Anti-gun activists are pointing to this case already as an example of how insane it would be to arm teachers, as some lawmakers have proposed. Of course, nobody’s considered the fact that Thompson could’ve obtained a gun for herself regardless. Thankfully, she merely seems temporarily unstable. There are very few middle-aged women actually shooting up schools. Like, none, ever.

Teacher Amanda Desiree Wood Arrested For Sex With Student

On May 7, 2019, the Madera County Sheriff’s Department received a tip from the superintendent of the Chawanakee Unified School District¬†that they had reason to believe a frequent female substitute teacher at their Minarets Charter High School was having sexual relations with one of the male students at the school.

The Sheriff’s Department investigated and this past week issued an arrest warrant for Amanda Desiree Wood, 42, a Madera substitute teacher who worked at multiple school locations in the Central California area.

Not Much Known About Amanda Wood

Amanda Desiree Wood, or simply Amanda Wood as she was known at work, apparently worked all over the County, which has left law enforcement asking for the public’s assistance in reporting any other inappropriate activity surrounding this woman.

If you imagine the perfect predator is somebody who creates access for themselves to their target domain, then a woman who likes teen boys could do no better than being a substitute teacher roving from high school to high school in her area.

There is very little publicly available information about Amanda Wood. A Facebook thread on the Madera County Sheriff’s arrest notes from commenters in the same area that Wood is married with children. They include comments that her husband is a good guy and they hope he and the kids can remain out of this mess. In reference to Amanda Wood herself, one local notes about her arrest, “It’s about time”. Not sure what that implies precisely.

Posted by Minarets High School Cheer on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Minarets High School is a charter high school in the rurally populated Madera area. It calls itself a High School for the 21st Century. Well, welcome to the 21st Century. Lady teachers are going after teen boys like they’re in short supply.

Female Gym Teacher Arrested for Minivan Sex With High School Boy

Typically we don’t see the female high school gym coaches hooking up with the opposite gender students. Such is how cliches about female gym coaches are borne.

But in this case, Lindsey Halstead, 29, of Waterloo, New York, and formerly of Waterloo High School, was taken into custody, charged with having sex behind a Hampton Inn in upstate New York with a 16-year old former male student.

Halstead Used Nudes and Social Media To Claim Her Prize

As with pretty much every story of teacher student sex these days, the initial exchanges, and subsequent evidence against, came in the form of social media communications between adult and child.

In this case, Lindsey Halstead chose Snapchat. As her initial foray into grooming with this particular former gym student of hers, Halstead sent a naked selfie, because when your attractive lady teacher sends you a nude photo, words are somewhat obsolete.

Waterloo High School in Western New York

Though words did come into play in the form of suggesting to the boy she picks him up in late 2018 for a little rendezvous. As a matter of practicality, or perhaps just to save a buck, Halstead toted her young male conquest in her minivan behind the local Seneca Falls Hampton Inn and proceeded to scrump. Kind of a cheap date really if your adult sex partner isn’t even paying for a room.

The Boy Turned State’s Evidence On His Teacher

Halstead had left Waterloo High School for the nearby middle school by the time of the alleged sexual encounter. But she never forgot the boy from her previous year’s gym class she wanted so badly.

However, the boy seemed to feel differently. Whatever level of enthusiasm he had after the evening spent in Ms. Halstead’s minivan, faded as his teacher began to message him about more appointments. That when he went to the authorities and reported Halstead for their previous sexual encounter.

Just a few years ago, an Ohio high school gym teacher was sentenced
for having sex with FIVE boys at her high school.

Now, say what you want about a teen boy who upends the lucky-bastard apple cart when it comes to an attractive teacher who wants to use your for her sexual gratification in the back of her car thrice a way. Imagine the kid perhaps freaked at how aggressive she was and how maybe he thought he’d end up in trouble as well. She is engaging in illicit sexual acts that put her entire career and liberty at stake, so she’s not exactly old reliable.

Halstead Was Arrested on Three Counts

Halstead was charged with two counts of sexual misconduct involving the boy. One for sexual intercourse and one for oral sex. Splitting hairs a bit there, Lady Justice. She was charged additionally with endangering the welfare of a minor for the naked selfie.

Based on the brazen nature of Halstead’s grooming of the teen, police are publicizing her photo and asking other potential student victims to call them if anything, err, arises. They seem convinced there are likely to be more boys out there who may have hit up the rear of the Hampton Inn in Halstead’s minivan.

We’ll keep you posted on this case as it proceeds.

Female Music Teacher Louisiana Christian School Arrested for Sex With Student

A young female teacher at a Louisiana Christian school has been arrested on multiple counts of a teacher having sex with a student, super verboten in Southern state schools even if the “victim” is technically of age.

Sarah Kozar, 25, taught choir and music at the Mount Olive Christian School in Athens, La. The age of the boy (or possibly girl) is unknown, but anything under 19 is a no-no under the “supervisory position” law.

Mount Olive School Offers a Unique Education

According to Mount Olive’s website, Louisiana schools rank 50th out of 50 in the nation in terms of performance, so why not try something different? Hard to argue with that rationale.

Mount Olive claims to be a modern tech-focused education environment that weaves in a very solid and healthy dose of Christian morality.


– Mount Olive Christian School motto

That’s not to say it’s any more wrong when a Christian school teacher commits a sex crime versus a lay school; though it is decidedly funnier in some way you can’t deny.

Sarah Kozar Removed from School and Arrested

Not much is known about the specifics of the case or the arrest. Only that this past week Kozar was picked up and booked into the Claiborne Parish Detention Center d booked into the Claiborne Parish Detention Center.

Kozar bonded out not long after booking. Louisiana has rather admirably low bail amounts for those merely accused, but not yet convicted. Nevertheless, the charges are serious. These lady teachers convicted on these charges most definitely do prison time.

We’ll keep you updated.

Wisconsin Teacher Arrested for Illicit Lesbian Student Affair From 5-Years Earlier

Just when you thought you got away with it… a Wisconsin Catholic School teacher who previously worked as a public school substitute health and fitness teacher was arrested for a sexual affair she had with a then 15-year old girl in 2014.

Brynn Larsen, now 29, stands accused of having a rather extensive lesbian sexual relationship with a then 15-year old student at Oconto Falls High School, where Larsen substitute taught and was herself a previous graduate.

The Illegal Affair Was Rumored At the Time in 2014

According to police records, somebody did tip off school administrators back in 2014 that Larsen, then around 24, was having illicit contact with a 15-year-old student at Oconto Falls High School.

Brynn Larsen during her college playing days in softball

At the time, police investigated, interviewing both Larsen and the underaged girl who both suggested they had bunked together on occasion during athletic team overnights, but nothing untoward had ever occurred. With both the teen and the teacher denying any wrongdoing, and no electronic communications at the time to say otherwise, the matter was dropped for lack of evidence.

That must’ve been a big “phew” moment for Brynn Larsen. Unfortunately, five years later, that same teen girl, now 19, had a crisis of conscience and returned to the police to alter her story. She claims at the time she was too young to understand what “lesbian sex” was, but that it definitely occurred between her and her teacher/coach on multiple occasions that year she was but 15.

The Police Set Up a Sting.

Still with no corroborating evidence against Larsen, police asked the now 19-year old victim to allow them to use her Facebook account to contact Larsen. She consented.

An undercover officer posing as the girl began a conversation with Larsen, who admitted to all of the sexual contacts, concluding that she had done nothing wrong or was not a “pedophile” since she hadn’t pushed the girl to do anything and it was entirely consensual. Clearly, somebody was using lay definitions of the word as opposed to legal definitions.

Brynn Larsen teach bio at her latest school prior to arrest

The Facebook confession and the testimony of the victim in the case were enough to pull Larsen from her P.E. teaching work this current school year at Father Allouez Catholic School in Green Bay rather immediately.

Larsen was charged with some rather serious felonies:

  • Repeated sexual assault of a child over incidents between Nov. 1, 2013, and May 29, 2014, in the city of Oconto Falls.
  • Sexual assault of a child under 16, over the incident Oct. 23 in the town of Little Suamico.
  • Child enticement, at some point in the month of October 2013, city of Oconto Falls.
  • Child enticement over the incident Oct. 23 in the city of Oconto Falls.

Each of these sex crimes involves decades of prison time at their maximum end. Presume a plea deal will be struck once Larsen’s defense attorney sees those Facebook confessions.

This Isn’t the First Catholic Lesbian Teacher We’ve Seen Busted

Yesenia Rodriguez was a quaint Catholic school teacher in Chicago until the time of her arrest for having had sex with a teen boy at the school.

Canadian Catholic school teacher, Stephanie Colangelo, was busted for trying to lure teens into sex with suggestive photos.

Hot Catholic school teacher, Marianna Riossi, was taken down on multiple counts of sexually assaulting a teen boy at the school where she subbed.

Sexy Virginia Teacher Fired For Sending Thong Shots, Sex Offers to Male Students

Imagine that teaching in modern times requiring modern means of capturing the attention of your media savvy students. What’s a young, blonde high school marketing teacher to do?

Alison Brie at Loudon County High School in Virginia decided to send three boys half-naked thong selfies along with propositions for sexual intercourse. Apparently, that violates some kind of law or something.

Alison Briel Sent Out Her First Photos Early in Her Tenure

Briel had only been in her first high school teaching assignment for a few months before she got the bright idea to strip down to a bra and a thong and snap some selfies. These photos weren’t for any boyfriend, but rather two 16-year-old boys and one 17-year-old-boy at the high school.

It’s unknown how many times Briel sent these sexy selfies to the boys during the course of 2018, but at least once for sure, and at least once with the propositions for sex.

Somebody brought these snaps and sex offers to the attention of administrators at the high school, because Briel was suspended as of last November from all teaching duties. No clue how the kids were supposed to learn marketing.

An Investigation Ensued

The matter was handed over to the local police in Virginia who apparently took the matter under serious and decidedly slow investigation. Six months later, this past week, Briel was taken into custody.

During her senior year of college, Briel ran an online class where among other topics she covered was how not to mix personal social media use with professional time.

The former Old Dominion graduate and now former high school teacher was arrested on three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was released on $2500 bond.

In all likelihood, the rude half-nude snaps and proposition won’t cost Briel any time in the pokey, but it’s likely to end her teaching career at 25. That seems like more than punishment enough for a sort-of-youthful-indiscretion.

Female Alabama High School Teacher Latest Arrested for Sex With Teen

A Dothan High School teacher was arrested this past week and charged with the increasingly common crime in Alabama of a teacher sleeping with a student who is of age but under the age of 19.

Alabama law forbids teachers from sexual relations with students, even if they be of age of majority in the state. This particular law continues to snag a good number of teachers in Southern States, even as its Constitutionality remains not entirely clear. Can you forbid adults from having sex with other consenting legal-aged adults even if they are high school teacher and student?

Julia Engle Arrested and Charged

Julia Engle, 29, a teacher at Dothan isn’t the first staff member to be arrested at the school recently for sex crimes, but she is the latest. She was arrested on a single count of “school employee engaging in a sexual act with a student under the age of 19 years.”

Little specifics are available about this case. We do know that officials at Dothan High were the one to contact local police to initiate an investigation. And that Engle was arrested after she and two different male students at the school were interviewed.

It is possible this single count is not the only charge Engle will face after all the facts are brought to light. Engle was jailed on a $30,000 bond.

Hot Kentucky Teacher Sues to Get Her Sex Crimes Prison Sentence Shortened

You may recall the 2017 case of quite attractive Kentucky teacher, Lindsey Jarvis, 27, who was charged with having multiple sexual interludes with a sixteen year old student in two different Kentucky counties.

Each county nailed, as it were, Jarvis, with one count of statutory rape. The sentencing involved two, 30-month prison stints which Jarvis was allowed to serve concurrently. About halfway now through her prison term, Lindsey Jarvis is suing the Department of Corrections insisting she should be out by now thanks to fulfilling a sex crimes rehab program.

Jarvis Taught Elementary and Middle School, But Went High School in Choice of Sex Partners.

27 at the time of her arrest, Lindsey Jarvis was a recently married woman, sneaking her teen boy lover over to her home, or in the back of her car in various parks and backroads.

It was in one of these parks in the middle of the night where Jarvis and her young boyfriend were discovered canoodling.

Jarvis’ husband stood by her side through the entire judicial process.

Jarvis’ phone was confiscated during the resulting investigation. Therein police discovered communications of a romantic and sexual nature between the teacher and teen student that indicated the relationship had gone on for some time and to some extensive sexual extent.

Somewhat surprisingly, while Jarvis was under investigation, she was forced to resign from her middle school position, but a local elementary school hired her to teacher regardless. She was fired from that school upon her arrest the following summer. Go Kentucky.

At Odds Is Jarvis’ Deal for Shorter Sentence with Rehab Program

Jarvis is suing the Kentucky penal system for release, claiming that she was informed if she went through a sex offenders program, she’d be eligible for something close to half-time.

This woman seems rather confident even in her arrest booking photo.

However, the State claims that Jarvis enrolled and started in the program prior to her incarceration, which renders the bonus points moot for some technical reason.

At the time of her arrest and prosecution, Jarvis’ husband stood by her side. Unclear if he’s still virtually by her side as she rides out her 2-1/2 year prison sentence for sex with a minor. There is a limit to even the most forgiving spouse.

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