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Andrea Davis and Things Not To Do When Arrested for DUI

accutane irrating esophagus There seem to be two things you can do when you are arrested for DUI, assuming you’re sober enough to make a rational decision. Call one of those DUI defense attorneys who will advise you against admitting (or breathing) a thing, or suck it up and take your rap. When you’ve admitted you take prescription adderall, lexapro, xanax, bupropion, and cops find weed and wine in your car, as in the case of Andrea Davis, 41, busted in Newberry, Florida outside of Gainesville, and you’ve got your six and seven year old daughters in the backseat, either way, you’re going downtown. Herein, you are presented by arresting officers who found the weed in your purse, and the wine in your center console with another option. If you’re holding any more drugs on your person, let us know now before we walk you into booking at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. This is like a game of trust us, you don’t want us giving you a cavity search, so be honest. And if you like, you’re facing additional charges. Andrea Davis decided to lie.

see Not the best movie. Upon search, cops found a vapor pen with THC butter and a marijuana pipe and two baggies containing a small amount of cocaine on her person. And there tack on your extra charges. All in all, Davis was hit with DUI charges, as well as child neglect, cocaine and marijuana possession and smuggling contraband into a detention facility. All of that is going to sting hard. Which makes you wonder how much a person on four mind-altering prescription medications even can make sane decisions about what comes next. I guess you can’t actually plead insanity if you’re taking all those meds to prevent you from being insane. Catch-22. The wine was the kicker.

Kentucky Teacher, Amy Hamilton, Arrested for Plying Boy With Beer Then Having Sex

go to link Lots of teachers keep track of their students after they leave their classrooms and schools. Fewer keep in contact with their middle school grads with the expectation of having sex with them at 15. Though obviously some do, based on the cases we follow.

how to get viagra super active Amy Hamilton, 40, was arrested for felony sexual misconduct with a minor for a drunken evening of sex with her former middle school student, who for some reason was staying overnight in her home. Well, I guess you kind of know the reason. For the past three semesters, Hamilton has taught biology at Oldham County High School in Kentucky. Prior to that she taught at the Stuart Pepper Middle School in Brandenburg, where she allegedly taught this boy who she tracked after leaving and ending up boinking a couple years later. Some do find their true love in Middle School, though not usually if they’re 40.

clomid india pharmacy According to the arrest report, Hamilton claims the boy initially made sexual advances toward her earlier in the evening, which she rebuffed. But nine beers for him and two bottles of wine for her later and the roles were reversed and she invited him into her bedroom. I’m not one to judge, but I think I see a few flaws in her platonic sleepover plans.

10mg prednisone dosepack Of course, both Hamilton and the boy denied anything happened in the early stages of the investigation, until those darned ever-present sexts were discovered discussing their liaison. Then everybody confesses. Well, just Hamilton as she’s the only one up for the twelve year bit for sexual misconduct with a minor. Though expect it’ll be more like six months plus probation and the List for this anatomy teacher. Nine beers. That’s impressive, kid.

Australian Lady Teachers Also Mounting Their Teen Students

Lest you start to think this phenomenon of female teachers digging in for early dessert with their teen student bodies is merely an American education phenomenon, we like to cover cases that happen with some frequency in Canada, England, and Australia. Likely similar is happening in non-English speaking countries as well, like France for instance where the current President was once a 15-year old boy seduced by his 39-year old married teacher. Of course, now they’re married and she’s the First Lady. Also, you know, France. But suffice it to say, the Western world’s female teachers are sewing their oats like crazy.

In New South Wales, Australia, a 26-year old female teacher in the Hunter Region was arrested this week for sexually grooming a 15-year old male student of hers. Australia, much like England, prefers to put a pleasant exterior on criminal matters, even sex crimes, so the teacher’s name is not released to the public, and her crimes are generally sub-headed under “grooming”. Though with some information in the court proceedings, we now know this including sexts, sending naked selfies to the boy, and at least one or more physical encounters.

16 is the age of consent in N.S.W. Australia, so 15 simply won’t cut it for teacher or non-teacher alike. Yet that extra year is so hard to wait when you’re a wanton, slightly deranged, horndog of an educator. What’s a woman to do? Wonder if they use Snapchat Down Under to reveal their illegal down unders?

There now, America, don’t you feel better?

English and Cheerleading Coach at Texas High School Arrested for ‘Relations’ With Student

It’s been almost 24-hours since we reported on a female teacher in Texas being arrested for inappropriate relations with a teen student, so, a long stretch. That wait is over. follow site Shannon Griffin, a four-year tenured English teacher and head girls cheerleading teacher at Jefferson High School in Jefferson, Texas, was arrested this past week for “inappropriate relations” with a 17-year old male student. Specifics of the case are almost impossible to find, which means local authorities are making them really hard to find. These information blackouts never hold too long.

Jefferson High School quickly removed Griffin’s photo from their school directory, and it’s nearly impossible to find her image anywhere, but we did locate this photo purportedly to be Griffin from a student-created sports site for the high school.

The Jefferson ISD Superintendent penned a letter to parents and the public, as all public school Superintendents now pretty much have pre-written for the eventuality of teachers in their district arrested for sex with students:

“Unfortunately, we have been dealing with a disturbing situation the last several days. However, it is very fortunate that our police chief and administration was able to uncover many facts and obtain a written confession. Due to confidentiality requirements, I am restricted from giving any other details related to this issue. 

— Jefferson ISD Superintendent, Rob Barnwell

The letter goes on to confirm how seriously student safety and security is a top priority of the District, albeit teens across Texas seem to be having sex with their teachers at an ever increasing rate, so you wonder if this is but another “thoughts and prayers” type slogan or they’re really doing something preventative to ebb this tide. I think you know the answer to that question.

Louisiana Substitute Teacher Re-Arrested for Sex With Two High School Students

buy cheap cialis jelly Tara Richard, 38, was busted this past December in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana on four counts of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and one count of oral sexual battery for sexual relations she allegedly had with a 15-year old and a 16-year old boy during last summer when she worked as a substitute teacher in the Parish. This past week, Richard was extradited to neighboring St. Martin’s Parish where the Sheriff promptly arrested her for two more counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile. (In case you’re unfamiliar, the term F-U-C-K derives from the 19th century solicitous charge of For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, meaning any number of sex crimes but primarily prostitution.)

Presumably this shuffling around of Richard implies that the illicit sex with the boys took place in two different Parishes and the Parishes in Louisiana, like Counties in many states, are quite strict about adjudicating their own crimes, even when it makes little cost-effectiveness sense. Richard did bond out of her second arrest as well for $15,000.

Sadly, but inevitably, based upon her social media page, Richard appears to be a married mom, or at least was as of her last update a few years back. In either case, she’s still clearly a mom, and now she’s going to prison or punishment of some type for having sex with not one but two boys probably not much older than her own kids. That’s a neighborhood stigma that kids will have to endure. Thanks, mom. Like you couldn’t have found some taboo loving that was legal if that’s what you needed.

Yet Another Female Texas Teacher Arrested for Sex With Her Student

I hate to pick on Texas. I really do. It’s a lovely state with beer service in their movie theaters and big wide open spaces and Walker, Texas Ranger, natch. But there do seem to be a large number of these teacher-student sex cases in the public schools there. Now, either, the school cops and regular cops and administrators and parents are all simply better at sniffing these things out, or they’re simply happening more often in the Lone Star State. As always, we’ll wait for the real scientists to put in the hours to explain this more statistically.

Gianna Bednarski, 32, is the latest female teacher in the state to be busted for sexual relations with a student. This was Bednarski’s first year teaching at Brazosport High School in Texas, and she sure made it memorable. She made it a full half year before her arrest on inappropriate relations with a student, also known as bedding a 15-year old student on multiple occasions, including twice in her classroom when the boy stayed after class for “tutoring”. Yes, yes, cue Hot for Teacher.

It’s unclear what precisely tipped off the investigation, but the school’s security officer did note that Bednarski would bring snacks to the boy when he played in school basketball games, and would hover around him disapprovingly and jealously when he talked to other girls at school. So, yeah his down low older girlfriend.

Both the student and Bednarski denied any wrong doing, though cops dug into the cellphone, first of the student, and later Bednarski, and naturally found inappropriate texts and, voila, nude photos of Bednarski forwarded to the student on Snapchat. Dear old Snapchat, enabling illicit sexual relations since, well since whenever it came out a few years ago. The teacher’s cellphone number was in the boy’s phone and, when pressed, he copped to the sexual affair and described tattoos on intimate locations on Bednarski’s body. Bam! Probable cause.

Bednarski previously resigned from her teaching job once the investigation launched and she saw the writing on the statutory rape wall. And this past week she was arrested for the sex with a student bit. She bailed herself out on a $50,000 bond pending further steps in this case. Oh, Texas, you really do need to run a few underaged boy band photos by these female teachers before hiring to see if they get flush.

Well Known Virginia HS Volleyball Coach Charged With Indecent Liberties With a Child

If you live in the Lynchburg, Virginia area and you know anything about high school girls volleyball, you’ve heard of Kelly Bryant. The long time girls coach spent a total of 32 years coaching volleyball between Holy Cross High School, Lynchburg College, and Heritage High School, all in the same general vicinity. Bryant, 52, retired at Heritage High School in 2017 after 18 years as the girls varsity coach, but stayed on in an official teaching capacity with the school working with online learners trying to earn their high school degrees. Bryant’s teams were highly competitive and she sent numerous players on to college volleyball programs. Based on the speeches and comments at the time of retirement, it seems as if Kelly Bryant was near on the most beloved long-time teacher around.

So, consider the shock when the school and the community learned that Bryant had been arrested for a 2009 incident on charges of indecent liberties with a child. That’s Virginia kindly speak for sex or intimate exposure with an underaged person. There need not be contact, but there need be sexual intentions and gratifications. Like asking the kid to show off under her clothes for you. Or you doing the same for her. I’m using “her” because this is a longtime girls sports coach, so I’m going with the odds.

“The kids. You just make such great memories with the kids and you have some that become like your own. I feel like I have a lot of extended nieces, a lot of extended family members.”

– Kelly Bryant interviewed about her retirement and what she’ll miss most

Bryant’s school leapt into action and issued a statement that Bryan was being put on administrative leave pending further adjudication of the charges against her. And for the record, whatever she did, she didn’t do with any of our students and we had no clue about any of it. American schools may not teacher math or sciences like their Asian counterparts, but damn if we don’t own the world in covering your ass processes.

The nature of the evidence against Bryant remains unclear, although speaking through her attorney, Bryan denies any inappropriate behavior on her part and the entirety of these allegations. We have seen a couple cases recently involving male teachers where charges were either dropped post-arrest or the teacher was found not-guilty in court. So, while most of these cases certainly do pan out in favor of the prosecution, innocent until proven otherwise. Certainly you might ask how a coach who’s worked with girls for 32-years only has one single allegation against her. I’d bring that up, defense attorneys, while the other side looks for additional possible victims.

Brittany Dawn Facing Allegations of Scamming Her Fitness Clients… See the Photos

Let’s start off with the concession that people who too much face in a bleached blonde fitness trainer perhaps get a little taste of what their own naïveté merits. We know why men fall for these women and do stupid things; the reason why women happily hand over cash to these taut ab and tight-bottomed ladies is an entirely more complex bit of psychology.

Brittany Dawn Davis, a Dallas-based fitness trainer with a large social media following, has been beset recently by thousands of angry female fitness and nutrition program clients unhappy with her $300 program of customized workout and nutrition plans, promises of phone support, and generally be a great inspiration for people who like to pay other people to help them unlock the super secret of being fit and healthy. Yes, it is just eating right and exercise like Mr. T told you. Plus a bunch of you-go-girls.

You play with the spear and you will get stuck. In this case, the spear are tons of angry women who claim Brittany let them down with her laughably standardized programs (not the least bit customized), her platitude inspirational responses, when she would finally respond to queries, and a general sense that they were being scammed out of several hundred bucks for some Xeroxed nutritional tips and workout routines. Not at all what was being promised in her high energy sales and marketing material. You were supposed to get the real Brittany. Whatever that is.

Naturally, any woman with decent looks, a hard body, bottles of spray tan, some smartly composed before and after photos, and a $500 Fitness and Nutrition Specialist course certificate from NMS can realistically become a successful trainer. What with Instagram for hot selfies, YouTube for inspiring chats, and Twitter for whatever the hell you do on Twitter, you can lather up large groups of women looking for the key to happiness. For $300, naturally. It also helps to book favorable spreads in ladies online mags like PopSugar and similar.

Whoa is me and my hot abs

In the face of a Facebook group with complaints about her program, Brittany Dawn took to YouTube to milk the hell out of the modern practice of mea culpa without much behind it. You see, she’s the victim of reaching too far, building too big and loving how much she wants to help other women too much. In a sense, you weren’t scammed. You merely helped her become a victim of empowerment. Sometimes it’s hard to be a super skinny woman who’s not particularly good looking but can pull of stunning social media selfies.

To date, there have been no criminal charges against Brittany Dawn Davis, only a growing chorus of reports to the Better Business Bureau and the like

Amy Murray Arrested for Murdering Her Husband So She Could Be With Prison Inmate Boyfriend

This is one of those really hard to believe tales of stupid love that would be even harder to believe if you hadn’t just finished watching Showtime’s docu-drama, Escape at Dannemora, where nearly the same plot occurs. A female jail employee falls for a murderous lifer inmate and winds up wanting to kill her husband. Though in the Showtime movie the husband lives; in the case of jail nurse, Amy Murray, 40, the husband didn’t make it.

According to arrest reports, Amy’s husband Joshua died in a fire this past December that was set intentionally by his wife to cover up his poisoning by antifreeze. The murder investigation launched when the medical examiner determined that Mr. Murray was dead before the “accidental” fire started and burned him alive in the couple’s home in Iberia, Missouri. The fire department had already concluded that accelerant had been used in the course of the fire, therefore it was already known to be arson. Amy Murray had attempted to cover her tracks by igniting the blaze, then driving her unsuspecting son and the family dogs to McDonald’s for dinner, to return home just in time (as in, too late) to call the fire department and report the fire.

Police grew suspicious of Murray’s involvement in her husband’s death and began tracking her personal relationships, which led them to phone calls between herself and Eugene Claypool, a lifer in the Jefferson City Correctional Facility where Murray worked as a civilian nurse. Claypool was in the clink for the 2000 stabbing death of an old dude who had recently won the State Lottery. So, clearly an eligible bachelor. Based on recorded phone calls, it soon became clear that Amy Murray and Claypool had a thing going on, making plans for the future, including the quick exit of the construction worker husband, and Amy Murray helping Claypool gaining some kind of prison release. No, not that kind of release. Well, maybe.

Murray was arrested this past week for the murder of her husband. First-degree murder, meaning she’s not bested her new beau in the penal code. She was granted bail of $750,000 and bonded out of County while awaiting further proceedings. Not all states take their first degree murder bail super seriously. She is sort of a plotting woman who fell for a prisoner and planned the devious murder of her husband. But the streets are probably safe as she strategizes her and her killer boyfriend’s escape.

Ah, love. Who can explain it’s mysterious ways.

Kate Scottow Arrested for ‘Misgendering’ and ‘Deadnaming’ A Trans-woman on Twitter

First, let’s get this out of the way — England. They aren’t so super different than the United State in many ways. In fact, we owe our system of jurisprudence to the Brits. But we’ve surpassed the Old Country in terms of liberal freedoms granted to the citizenry some centuries ago. Including that right to Free Speech. It’s far more curtailed and limited across the pond. Not only are the libel laws far more broad and heavily enforced, but there are often criminal complications for individuals violating speech restrictions.

Kate Scottow, 38, of Hertfordshire in England was arrested following an online argument with a trans-woman, Stephanie Hayden, in which Hayden claims Scottow repeatedly called her a “man”, “deadnamed” her, which is your word of the day and means referring to a trans-person by their previous gender and name identity, and all around was super mean and harassing in a argument over transgenderism. It’s unclear from the precise nature of the charges if Scottow was arrested at her home by police for what you might call “general harassment” or if she was arrested because “misgendering” is automatically tantamount to harassment, but either way, Scottow was arrested in front of her kids, brought down to the station, booked, printed, and spent seven hours in a holding cell.

Scottow’s position vis-a-vis her argument was that it’s not possible for a person to change genders as a simple matter of choice. Science seems to have her back on that one. Hayden clearly felt differently, and clearly politics has her back on that end. So, they tussled, and perhaps Scottow wouldn’t quit, she certainly was using at least two separate Twitter accounts to go after Hayden, and Hayden filed a complain and had her arrested.

There’s still a ton to sort out her as to a legal ruling, as in, if you simple call a trans-woman a “man” or “Fred Smith” or whatever their name used to be, is that a crime, or is it only a crime if you do it insistently, and beyond some level where it becomes stalking and harassing? It’s super unclear because I don’t think the British people are super clear on these laws themselves, as they’ve flooded into existence in the past several years. Worth noting that many locales and states in the U.S. have similar such measures, though none of them have been tested Constitutionally and seem unlikely to pass that muster, somewhere down the chain.

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