I’m not sure what’s a more shocking part of this new story, that a long time high school female P.E. teacher and volleyball coach was caught having long term sexual relations with a former student, or that this California Central Valley P.E. teacher makes nearly $110,000 a year in salary, before benefits. I’m going with the salary bit.


quanto costa Viagra generico 25 mg online a Parma Angela Webb is well known in the Tulare County area of California, as a top flight female volleyball coach with numerous sectional championships under her belt as a coach of her Tulare high school girls team. Now she’s super well-known following an arrest for a four-year long sexual relationship with a former student of hers that presumably began while that student was still a current student. The dates and timing of the allegations have yet to be made public, nor has the gender of the victim, though, yes, female P.E. coach, but also, married mom of two, so it’s a tossup as to sex of the student.

go to site Webb has been employed in the Tulare Joint Union High School District for 26 years now. You can imagine, or you ought imagine, that investigators are searching for more potential victims during her tenure. It’s rare that a woman takes up a teen-lust quest in their late 40’s suddenly. These kinds of things tend to be leaned into over time. Unclear what the charges are precisely beyond sex with a minor, but Webb has been suspended pending further news.

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go to site If you were better short on the Tulare Union school this year in girls volleyball, you’re about to make a mint.