37-Year Old Michigan Teacher Put on Leave for Snapchat Flirting with 17-Year Old Student

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cheap-levitra-online-a-href Apparently, and probably for the better, it’s not a crime for a grown female teacher to flirt with her underaged students online. You obviously can’t ever touch, and you can’t be sexually overt or send nude selfies or ask for the same, but if you want to do google-eyed suggestive emojis and kissing avatars with a teen student, all they can really do is suspend you. Nice to know.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cheap-canadian-viagra A 37-year old female teacher at Tecumseh High School in Michigan did just that. As always, this social media private messaging affair began on Snapchat. It’s the place to go when looking for underaged student flesh filled fantasies. The teacher heavily used emojis or bitmojis which are animated emojis to send schoolgirlish type cutesy come-ons to two students in her class beginning last Fall. With one student, the iconography got a bit more racy, and started to include text exchanges, such as the teacher asking the boy when he was on vacation, “Would you ever…?”, and when the boy noted his confusion, his teacher wrote, “Oh, you know” with a winking emoji. It’s clear the student wanted her to back off with the online seduction, at which point his teacher laments she’ll have to settle for just flirting with him.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=how-to-get-a-accutane-prescription Of course the student eventually told a buddy that his teacher was sending him saucy messages and that buddy told his mom who told somebody at the school and the investigation began. The inquiry was led by the school cop, aka the school resource officer. The teacher initially denied pretty much everything or anything that might be out of bounds, though she admitted she likes to run her class “PG-13”, whatever the heck that means. Probably not the best response.

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source Since Snapchat keeps no record of the conversations, the school cop went off what he was told about the nature of the messages, and eventually the teacher agreed, in the least, that perhaps her messages were inappropriate or could be taken the wrong way, while naturally being super innocent. Certainly she’d never ever have sex with her teen student. Or at least we’ll never know since the boy gave her the Heisman and cut her off at the pass. But assume there’s a solid chance she would’ve gone for the forbidden fruit had it complied.

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follow link But, teach didn’t reach the goal line, meaning, there was no evidence of a crime being committed. Merely some really poor judgement. That means she’s not being named publicly and she’s being put on administrative leave, which means she’s still being paid while the process weans its way through the union obstacle course.

lasix diuretic side effects (In what may just be an completely unrelated matter, it was but two weeks ago the Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent, Kelly Coffin, was herself put on administrative leave from the District in a bit of a mysterious midnight departure.)

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