And the hits, and arrests, keep right on rolling. A 28-year old HS teacher outside of Perth, Australia, was charged with numerous counts of having sexual relations with three different girls between the ages of 13 and 17. That’s a rather prolific illegal dating life for a teacher. Even a randy lesbian teacher with her eye on young flesh.

follow site Australia, like England, has a whole series of laws that prevent media outlets and newspapers from reporting the names or alleged perpetrators post-arrest but prior to conviction. It’s a rather old-fashioned convention that belies the age of modern media wherein everybody at the school in question and surrounding environs obviously knows and shares the name of the high school teacher arrested on 71 counts of criminal lesbian sex. You have to. But journalists can’t report her name. Go figure, Australia.

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canada viagra The woman, who was charged by police last August, has not yet entered a plea but her lawyer told a Rockingham court this week that she intended to fight the charges. – The West Australian

viagra samples We’ll keep you updated on the case. Perhaps it’s somewhat reassuring to know female teachers around the Western world are delving into their teen pupils. Or perhaps it’s simply more scary that this is a universal sign of the times.

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